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Carolina Catering & Events is your full-service resource for Outer Banks weddings & events. Our team is ready to assist with every aspect of planning and coordination, from catering and flowers to event rentals and music. From start to finish, Carolina Catering & Events will work to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch!


Our services include Custom Invitations (feat. Carlson Craft), Music Booking, Event Rentals, Floral Design, Photography, Event Venues and Homes, Wedding Cakes (In-house Pastry Chef), Catering, Wedding Direction, Hair & Makeup, Officiating and much more!

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From bridal brunches to plated surf and turf, we offer an extensive selection of catering tiers and menus in a variety of service styles. Our experienced team is ready to assist in creating the perfect menu for your event. During the planning process, we will review service styles and other details and answer any questions you may have. See below for more information on service styles.

Catering Menus

Carolina Catering & Events truly offers the full gamut of menu options. Choose from local seafood and fresh produce, high-quality meats, creative hors d'oeuvres and incredible desserts. Allow us to help create the menu of your dreams!

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Service Styles

The most common service styles are plated, buffet and family-style. Carolina Catering & Events can customize any of these styles to suit your needs and ambiance.


Considered the most traditional (and usually the most formal) of service styles, plated meals are served by waitstaff at pre-determined table assignments. 


During buffet-style service, guests select their food from one table or from strategically-placed stations. 


Family-style service simply means that servers place platters or bowls of food on each table. Guests then self serve and pass around the table.


Custom Invitations

Event Rental Services


Charter Fishing

Dune Buggies

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Spa Days

Wine & Tapas Pairing

Paint the Plank

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Carolina Catering & Events provides a wide variety of lodging and venue options including event homes, hotels, in-house and partnered venues and much more!

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Carolina Catering & Events covers all your event needs including shuttling & transportation. We cover your needs from luxury rides around town to mass airport pick up and drop off. Our rental fleet can accommodate passengers starting as low as 2 and maxing out at 15. Carolina Catering & Events also offers golf cart shuttling to and from the venue to reception site.

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